About Us

History of The Studio

The Studio at 328 South Avenue was founded by the late, great producer, engineer, and bass wizard Lou Whitney in 1994. Lou recorded hundreds of different bands and artists in the studio he designed. Lou had many interns and assistants over the years to help with sessions and learn a thing or two. Eric Schuchmann was lucky enough to be one of his assistants, band mates, and friends for 10 years. After Lou’s passing in October 2014, Eric took over  the daily operations of the business.

  • On July 1, 2015 The business “The Studio” owned by The estate of Lou Whitney was closed. The Studio Springfield LLC owned by Eric Schuchmann was opened at 328 South Avenue.

About The Studio Springfield LLC

  • September 2017 The Studio Springfield LLC was moved to 3389 S. Scenic Avenue Ste. F with a new facility but the same great gear.

In keeping with Lou’s legacy, we are committed to providing the same top-notch recording experience at an affordable rate.

We have a Soundcraft Europa console and a plethora of outboard gear,  dynamic combinations of vintage recording equipment and modern recording technologies to help you meet all your artistic needs.

Our main space is 58′ x 25′ x 18′, with two 5′ x 5′ x9′ vocal/amp booths, and a larger  9′ x 17′ x 13′ booth. We have a great selection of vintage microphones and instruments.

We’re located in SW Springfield Missouri near the Chesterfield Village community. There are numerous restaurants, bars, and other attractions near us. We take pride in being the right place to capture the live sound you have worked hard to perfect.


  • Owner & Audio Engineer – Eric Schuchmann